Welcome to Ruth to the Rescue Pet Sitting!

Ruth to the Rescue provides the best care when you can’t be there. In-home pet sitting is viewed by veterinarians as the best care choice when owners are away because pets thrive on routine and familiarity; it is the safest and healthiest choice. A pet's home is his/her sanctuary and boarding in a kennel or day care can be quite stressful.

Ruth delivers peace of mind to both pets and owners. Whether your pet needs a mid-day potty break, walk around the block, rousing play session or scheduled medications, Ruth to the Rescue is the dependable way to make sure your best friend is safe, healthy and happy while you are at work.

Because Ruth is a professional pet sitter, she is both insured and certified in pet first aid.

To schedule a free consultation, please email:  ruth@ruthtotherescue.net           or call 586-876-0395. 

I regret to announce that I am no longer able to provide canine pet sitting services. However, I continue to provide feline pet sitting on a limited basis, within the area bordered by 26 to 30 Mile Roads, and Dequindre to Jewell Roads. Thank you so much for your consideration.